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New Chapter Gin 1(43% Alc.)

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If you think of Gins as musical performances, on the one extreme you get the Karaoke performances, lip syncing and pretending or maybe performing in a controlled studio. We see ourselves on the other end of the spectrum. The street performer, thrilling a small crowd, unplugged and authentic.  

We make real gin in small batches, using the finest ingredients, traditional techniques that take time and patience to master, but we feel make a better Gin. 

New Chapter 1, the 2020 Michelangelo International Double Gold Award winner, the most respected competition on the African continent.

A classic, Juniper forward London dry styled Gin. Meticulously distilled in a 200 year old traditional Cape pot still. Both Chapter 1 and 2 are a celebration of citrus. We use the finest quality grape spirit base, making it safe for those with gluten allergies and intolerance. Naartjie or Manderine, is the dominant citrus together with 12 other botanicals including U.S. FDA approved Buchu from the Cape mountains and two regional Juniper types. What sets us apart are the big, rounded flavours and super smooth mouth feel. A difficult Gin to make mainly because we use large quantities of fresh fruit and juice in our clear 100% distilled Gin.


1 x 500 ml bottle packaged in a custom craft box, making an ideal gift.