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New Chapter Gin 1(70% Alc.)

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New Chapter 1 with the copper top, is the first in the ‘Over Proof’ range. At 140 proof or 70% alcohol it is certainly one of the strongest Gins in the world. This Gin is the same Gin as our 43% version, the 2020 Michelangelo International Double Gold Award winner, the only difference is that we add no water or as close to zero water as possible to get it to 70%. Nothing else is added post-distillation. Almost all proper Gins start their lives out at between 85% and 70% alcohol after distillation, then water is added to get it to bottling strength.

Why release a distillers-strength Gin?

It is practical and has a lower carbon footprint. This 500 ml bottle contains over 15% more Gin than a 750 ml bottle, yet the entire package weighs about half as much. It is the strongest alcohol you can board a plane with anywhere in the world. From an environmental concern perspective, by cramming in more Gin per bottle it saves resources for the future. Lastly, this is a Gin for mature drinkers who value the true expression of the distiller in every sip. Please note this isn't meant to be a sipping Gin at bottled strength, it is simply too strong for that and is not recommended. All our products are thoroughly laboratory tested by a certified third party, testing everything from the barely measurable methanol levels to sugars and so on. We always pass with flying colours.