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New Chapter Gin 2(70% Alc.)

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New Chapter 2 with the copper top, is the second in the 'Over Proof' range. We make gin differently to most other brands and distilleries and is certainly one of the most difficult ways to make Gin our major point of departure is distilling with large amounts of fresh fruit and juice, which we think adds depth of flavour and makes a better Gin.   Using 13 botanicals including two types of juniper and buchu, this contemporary Gin is less juniper forward than New Chapter 1. Ruby Grapefruit, Limes and Almonds are used during distillation.  At 140 proof or 70% alcohol it is certainly one of the strongest Gins in the world. This Gin is the same Gin as our 43% version, the only difference is that we add no water or as close to zero water as possible to get it to 70%. Nothing else is added post distillation. Almost all proper Gins start their lives out at between 85% and 70% alcohol after distillation, then water is added to get it to bottling strength.

The question we get asked is why on earth we would release a distillers strength Gin. There are numerous reasons but it is mostly practical. This is the strongest alcohol you can board a plane with anywhere in the world. Wouldn't it make sense to leave out the water as you are going to mix with tonic, or make a cocktail anyway, to keep the package as light and practical as possible? This 500ml bottle contains over 15% more actual Gin than a 750ml bottle, yet the entire package weighs about half as much. The second reason is an environmental concern. We can cram more Gin into less glass, saving resources for the future. The third main reason is that this is a Gin for mature drinkers who value the true expression of the distiller in every sip. Our reasoning leads us to ponder why aren't more producers making high proof versions?

Please note this isn't meant to be a sipping Gin at bottled strength, it is simply too strong for that and is not recommended. All our products are thoroughly laboratory tested by a certified third party, testing everything from barely detectible methanol levels to sugars and so on. We always pass with flying colours.

1 x 500ml Gin in a custom craft box, making an ideal gift.